Digitrans Corner:

Bridging Humanity & Technology for A Sustainable Tomorrow

16 November 2023 | 15:00 - 18:30

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Offline: Block 71 Jakarta

Online: Zoom

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About Digitrans Corner

The industrial era 4.0 has created many breakthroughs. Companies must be agile and innovative in integrating digital technology into business. Through a series of talk shows designed to be relevant to industry needs, Digitrans Corner is here to discuss various topics about technology and digital transformation.

Talk with C-Levels

Get insights from C-levels across industries

DTC - Speaker Logos (3)
Alamanda Shantika
CEO & Founder BINAR
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Dudi Arisandi
Chief People Officer Tiket.com
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DTC - Speaker Logos (1)
Irzan Raditya
CEO & Co-founder Kata.ai
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DTC - Speaker Logos (2)
Krishna Worotikan
CFO Microsoft Indonesia
DTC - Speakers (3)
DTC - Speaker Logos (4)
Wafa Taftazani
Founder & CEO Upbanx
DTC - Speakers (4)
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Dian Ediana Rae
Kepala Eksekutif Pengawas Perbankan OJK
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Dickie Widjaja
David Alfa
Chief Innovation Officer Investree
CTO & Co-Founder Bisa Ekspor Group

Talk show series

Maximizing AI to Boost Organizational Growth

  • How AI impacts employee productivity
  • How AI helps optimize operations and efficiency
  • How AI can enhance customer experience & enable new revenue streams

#1 Digital Transformation Hack: Balancing Investment between People & Technology

  • Explore the challenges organizations face in finding the right equilibrium between investing in technology and nurturing their human capital.
  • Discuss how excessive technology investment, without considering human skills and capabilities, can lead to missed opportunities and inefficiencies.
  • Highlight the importance of a holistic approach that values both technology and human potential as critical assets for sustainable growth and innovation.
  • CEOs, Leaders, and Department Heads are interested in digital transformation, technology, and the latest trends.
  • Professionals from public and private sectors that are actively doing digital transformation, especially in HR, IT, and Business division.
  • Journalists from various media who are interested in AI trends and new technology.

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